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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Trudeau and Abortion Promotion as Canadian Foreign Policy

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada is leading his government in an activist pro-abortion policy which ignores the democratic will of the people.
Reversing the previous government's policy of giving aid to African mothers and children, the Trudeau government is pouring millions into the promotion of abortion in Africa.
This policy was announced by his foreign minister,  Chrystia Freeland, as a cornerstone of Liberal foreign policy to the horror of the Canadian population which is largely pro-life. 
"By ignoring the will of the people, this is spitting in the face of the very type of democracy we are supposed to have in African countries," Obianuju Ekeocha, the founder of Culture of Life Africa said recently to THE CATHOLIC HERALD.
Abortion “is against the will of the people,” she said. “The polls show overwhelmingly that Africans hate abortion, abhor abortion, both women and men.
This cultural imperialism exercised by Canada and other Western nations in relation to abortion is akin to colonialism in the nineteenth century.  

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