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Monday 1 April 2013

Easter Joy !

The Toronto Anglican Use Sodality (TAUS) congregation is always welcoming new faces as people come to see how an Anglican Use Mass is celebrated and especially to hear the patrimonial music of the Anglican Use at Sacré-Coeur. Many come just out of curiosity but other seekers are looking for a spiritual home.

Blessed with what visitors tell us is, in their view, the finest Mass music in Toronto, TAUS continues its slow growth. At  this point, the mission of TAUS is clearly focussed on the provision of the weekly Sunday Mass, which presents the Gospel in the beautiful language and patrimony of the Anglican Tradition within the faith and life of the wider Catholic community.

With the leadership of the TAUS director of music, Peter Mahon and under the guidance of Fr. Eric Rodrigues, TAUS chaplain, the mission will complete one year offering weekly Sunday Sung Mass at Sacré-Coeur Church in downtown Toronto.

Having been asked to provide music for archdiocesan events has raised the profile of TAUS in the Toronto region and we now welcome visitors from a variety of backgrounds every week. Mennonites, former C of E Anglicans, Lutherans, Protestants and Catholics of all backgrounds make their way to the corner of Carlton and Sherbourne every week. Here they find a celebration of the unity of the Church celebrated in the beauty of liturgy and music which is a gift to the universal Church. Unity is at the core of everything that marks TAUS, unity of faith and teaching, unity of mission and purpose i.e. the unity for which our Lord prayed.

Gradually, some who visit return on a regular basis. Thanks to the weekly hospitality in the parish hall (with excellent Easter treats last week provided by generous folk) the gathered members of the community are getting to know one another.

Here is a little flavour of the offertory music that we are so grateful to have at Mass every Sunday . . .

"O taste and see how gracious the Lord is . . . "