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Friday 4 January 2013

Epiphany and the Toronto AU Facebook Page

It has been said that the new front door for parishes and missions is a webpage. A webpage is a kind of showing forth or epiphany of what the parish or mission offers.

If that is so then perhaps the new bulletin for parishes is a Facebook or Twitter account.

As we seek to get the word out that since May 2012 the Toronto Anglican Use Sodality has offered Sung Mass every Sunday at 1:45 pm this is a new opportunity to make people aware of this ministry of worship, the increasing activities of the mission and of the Canadian Ordinariate Deanery.

Such communication is a contribution to the New Evangelization for all Catholics and all those seeking unity in Christ.

Along with video clips of the choral offerings weekly at Sacré-Coeur Church there will be updates and notices on a regular basis as more and more come to Mass, Evensong or other liturgies to experience the beauty of patrimonial liturgy and music in the Anglican Use.

You can link to the Toronto AU Sodality page by entering TORONTO ANGLICAN USE SODALITY on Facebook.

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Happy New Year and a blessed Epiphany.

See you at:

Evensong, Carols and Benediction 

7:00 pm this Sunday, January 6.