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Tuesday 11 July 2017

Father Sandys Wason

I am reading a biography of the noted Anglo-Catholic, Fr. Sandys Wason who was long persecuted by bishops in the Church of England in the 2oth century.

Fr. Wason served for many years in Cornwall parishes.  His biography, Mr Wason, I Think” states that after he had been ordained a deacon, his bishop refused, for four years, to ordain him priest:

“so long as he insisted on using his Rosary . . . at Gunwalloe he was inhibited for prayer for the departed and at Cury for the service of Benediction.  He was wholly committed to the reunion of the Church of England with the Holy See of Peter and would have agreed with these words of Archbishop Nicholas Heath, Archbishop of York in 1555, who said: ‘By the relinquishing and forsaking of the See of Rome, we must forsake and flee from all General Councils… We must forsake and flee from the unity of Christ’s Church, and by leaping out of Peter’s ship, hazard ourselves to be overwhelmed and drowned in the waters of sects and divisions.”

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