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Saturday 28 June 2014

Msgr Steenson on his visits to Canada

The last two weekends have been full of wonderful encounters with members of the Deanery of St. John the Baptist in Canada.  Trinity Sunday was spent with the vibrant and growing community of St. John the Evangelist, Calgary, where Fr. Lee Kenyon presented seven young people to receive the sacrament of confirmation.  Thanks to the help of the Bishop of Calgary, we were also able to witness the ordination of Adrian Martens as deacon.  Deacon Adrian will be a much-needed hand at St. John’s. He also serves as the ecumenical officer for the Diocese of Calgary, a work that goes to the heart of our mission.
Msgr Steenson with  Cardina Wuerl of Washington

I was also able to visit our community in Edmonton, which has been gathered together by Dr. David Skelton and is now served by Fr. David McLeod of the Military Ordinariate.  Thanks to the hospitality of the Knights of Columbus, the community has a convenient central location in which to worship.  It has great potential.

On Corpus Christi Sunday I was in Toronto, at the French parish of Sacré-Coeur, where the Ordinariate community of St. Thomas More assembles.  Under the able pastoral leadership of Fr. John Hodgins, the Ordinariate’s mission in Toronto is laying good foundations and is beginning to grow.  The community is blessed already with a truly outstanding musical identity.  We celebrated the Feast of the patron, St. Thomas More, with a glorious mass setting composed in his honor.  Our noble choral patrimony has found a powerful witness in Toronto.

There is so much to be thankful for, eh?  And as a special treat last weekend, Fr. Kenyon took me to visit the set of the television series, “Fargo,” which for some reason is being filmed in Calgary near St. John’s.  We two priests were mistaken for actors.  I bet we could come up with a good screenplay!

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