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Thursday 18 May 2017

A Visit to Victoria, B.C.

Starting the day at Our Lady of Fatima with the daily DW Low Mass celebrated by the Blessed JH Newman Ordinariate Quasi-parish, signs of the patronal celebration of 100 years are visible everywhere.

You know you are in B.C. when . . . 
It is the "Left Coast" after all.

 My mother spent time here in her youth and it was here that she trained after entering the CWAC (Canadian Women's Army Corps).  

I was seven years old the last time I visited and managed to turn on the sprinkler system at Butchart Gardens sending  people running in every direction.  Apprehended by a fierce looking gardener who started to laugh as he turned off the sprinklers I was let off with a minor reprimand.  I hope to return . . . and behave properly! 

 One can only wonder what kind of language they use at this school?

 Major renovations at the Empress Hotel still feature its namesake.

Lady Chapel in Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria

B.C. Legislature recalls the Imperial history.

A late spring but the flowers are everywhere.

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