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Saturday 11 July 2015

When the Canadian Public Broadcaster uses the Pan Am Games to promote a political agenda we can smell Nuremburg

No one would be surprised that the CBC script for the opening ceremonies read (poorly) by Peter Mansbridge would be a litany of so-called "progressive" politics, but the lauding of abortion amongst other political memes of the chattering class (SSM etc.) as constitutive of Canada and her freedom is, at once: untrue, pathetic and outrageous. 

Canada's failure to enact any kind of legislation to protect our young from death even in the birth canal is a national shame and tragedy. Partial birth abortion is not something to tell the world we are proud of; whatever Wynne (Liberal Ontario Premier) and others on the podium may think. 

This whole script goes well beyond even the most extreme political agenda pushed by the CBC to date. It is fascist style propaganda while deifying sport at the largest secular liturgy in Canada, to date.  The echoes of Nuremberg and eugenics were certainly in the air last night along with the smoke of taxpayers money gone up in fireworks.
The CBC is truly desperate to get its agenda across to an ever diminishing viewership. This blatant propaganda needs to be stopped by the CRTC (the Canadian broadcasting regulator).

Mansbridge droning such drivel while mispronouncing words and forgetting where he was -- he stated at one point that this was an Olympic event -- clearly shows that the dementia at the CBC is institutionalized to an embarrassing extent.  

Little wonder the federal government and others largely ignore the CBC as a News source.

Unfortunately, Wynne and the provincial Liberals have stepped in to write the script for the CBC. 

Why should Canadians be forced to pay for this drivel? It is outrageous, dangerous and a national disgrace. 

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