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Saturday 27 December 2014

A Letter from Miguel

During Advent some of us entered into an agreement to pray the Novena of Our Lady Undoer of Knots.

In my work as a hospital chaplain I have gotten to know a boy who is very prayerful though suffering from cancer. For the sake of his privacy we will call him Guillermo.  

At the same time a number of us have been working to bring back to Canada a man who was refused asylum here and had to return to Mexico to reapply. That was two and a half years ago.
". . . the laws delay"  as Shakespeare numbered it amongst the trials of this world. 

We have been praying for both Miguel and Guillermo and ask people to continue to share in the Novena or rosary for their intentions/

Following is a letter sent by Miguel:

Good morning Father John, of course I would be honoured to be a partner in prayer with Guillermo. Once again, a sign that the thought of one's problems are too big are wrong or unfair, there is always someone who lives more difficult and complex situations. Please, Father John, I
appreciate that you give him the following message:

Hi Guillermo, as Father John told you, my name is Miguel and with all due respect, I write the following for you:

There are people in the world that we have never met and may never crossed our paths. But we are indisputably connected by the same humanitarian sentiment, by ties of honour, by ties of righteousness, goodness ties, by ties of love. 

Therefore you should never feel lonely or sad; God has plans for each of us, but sometimes we can not understand or think that they are insignificant, I think that all these projects are chained, are intertwined, for the same and big goal. Only God knows the way each of us and only he knows and decides our today and our tomorrow. 

You must have a lot of faith, because miracles exist and are in the hands of God. With all our heart, my wife Guadalupe  and I, pray to God and the Virgin of Guadalupe for you and your family. This Friday you, my wife and I and all the people who love you, be united in prayer. 

Give a hug to your parents and let them know that we share their feelings, but also share their faith and hope.

God bless you Guillermo.




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