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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Advent and Christmas in Toronto

The Toronto Anglican Use Sodality (soon to be an Ordinariate mission with a patron saint) celebrates its first Advent and Christmas season having maintained the weekly Sunday celebration of Sung Mass since May with thanks to the efforts of AU chaplain Fr. Eric Rodrigues and other priests.

Due to his many responsibilities as the Cardinal's assistant, Fr. Eric was unable to be present for every weekly Mass and so four other priests helped from time to time.

What a wonderful blessing for them and for us. Each priest appreciated the opportunity to celebrate Mass using the sacral English of the traditional AU rite and to enjoy the marvellous music of the sodality choir led by Peter Mahon.

The Toronto AU schedule insures that at 1:45 pm each Sunday a priest is at Sacré-Coeur Church (corner of Sherbourne and Carlton streets) in downtown Toronto to celebrate the Anglican Use Mass.

Many visitors and inquirers as well as regular attendees have maintained this weekly witness to the unity of the Church as increasing numbers of people become aware of the Ordinariate and seek to explore possibilities as we enter the Year of Faith and seek to serve the New Evangelization.

A significant contribution to the new evangelization is the Anglican choral tradition presented in its highest expression weekly by the AU sodality.

Offertory motet for Advent III - Gaudete Sunday at  Sacré-Coeur

During the Twelve Days of Christmas the Toronto AU choir will offer Sung Mass at 5:00 pm on Monday, Dec. 31 at Sacré-Coeur for the Vigil of Mary Mother of God (a day of obligation for all Catholics).

On Epiphany Sunday in addition to Sunday Sung Mass at 1:45 pm (Sunday, Jan. 6) the choir will offer music for  Evensong, Benediction and Carols at 7:00 pm. 

All are welcome and, of course, Catholics of all rites may fulfill their Mass obligation at any AU Mass. 

Sunday AU Sung Mass continues every week at 1:45 pm at Sacré-Coeur.

Laudate Dominum

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