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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Two bishops and an Ordinary

Our congratulations to those who were received into full communion with the Holy See in Canadian cities this weekend.  It has been a long but fulfilling journey for many.

Also encouraging is the visit of Msgr. Steenson to Calgary on his first visit to a proto-Ordinariate parish in the proto-deanery of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

Next Sunday in Oshawa members of another sodality will be received into full communion under the guidance of Fr. Eric Rodrigues.

They will then join with Calgary, Cambridge, Toronto, Ottawa and Victoria Anglican Use sodalities in the regular celebration of the Anglican Use Mass on Sundays beginning April 22.  Details for a regular time and place on Sunday are still being worked out for the Toronto Sodality but should be available soon.

D.V. the regular celebration of the AU Mass with patrimonial music and ceremonial will, over time, allow other Anglicans and Christians from various backgrounds to find their way to full communion in the Catholic Church.

This is a great step for those in Ottawa and region as well as Victoria, Calgary and other locations very soon. The emerging Deanery of Saint John the Baptist will soon be a reality and so we celebrate with them in patience and hope.

Our Lady Walshingham, St. Peter, St John the Baptist, Blessed John Henry Newman, orate pro nobis

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