Monday, 7 April 2014

St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church, Brampton and Ukraine - The Lord will rebuild!

Many in Toronto were saddened this weekend with the loss to fire of the beautiful St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church building, a structure built in the traditional Eastern tradition.

The faithful people of St. Elias will rally with the wider Catholic community and others to re-build. There is, however, a great sense of loss and much time and energy will be required to re-establish the pattern of worship which has characterized this devout congregation with many young singers and attracting Catholics from around the city.

Some of our parishioners have attended St. Elias as have a number of former Anglicans now in the Ordinariate, sensing a kindred spirit with our non-Roman but fully Catholic co-religionists.

Having recently gone through a fire at the school chapel where I worked, I know something of the time and disruption caused.  Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Brampton as indeed we pray also for the people of Ukraine as they seek to establish their nation on a firm and independent footing.

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