Friday, 19 September 2014

STM-Baldwin Academy has launched!

STM-Baldwin Academy, Thursdays 11 AM - 5 PM at STM/SACRE-COEUR
CATHOLIC CHURCH, 381 Sherbourne St. at Carlton, Toronto

The STM-Baldwin Academy has launched! 

Thank you for your prayers and support.

We have just a few children registered for the day and choral programmes but are hopeful of adding more now that we are up and running each Thursday from 11 AM - 5pm.

The auditions for the choral programme went well and children will begin rehearsals next Thursday. We still have room for girls and boys with unchanged voices and will hold rehearsals for any interested children through October.

We have some children from Our Lady of Lourdes School and have been contacting other schools to encourage day-schoolers to come for this wonderful after-school choral programme.

We would particularly like to have more home-school Grade 7 - 8 students for the 11AM - 3:30 PM programme. We have a later start time to allow students and parents a chance to miss rush hour. Some may stay for the choral programme until 5pm. An after school snack will be provided for all.

Please encourage the parents of any Gr 3 - 8 homeschoolers you know to join our merry band! We will be focussing on the SETON curriculum but are flexible as we meet the Ontario curriculum standards.

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