Monday, 24 October 2016

Anglican Benedictines in Brandon to be received into full Communion through the Ordinariate

Br. Sean-Patrick and Br. Robert-Charles, along with their little Benedictine Community of Sts. James and John in Brandon, Manitoba, have discerned that God is calling them to come home to the Catholic Church as part of  the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter which is part of a stitching together of the fabric torn at the English Reformation.
Although each of their members is concerned about a number of issues faced by the Anglican Church of Canada and the wider Anglican Communion, the primary reason for coming into  full communion with the Catholic Church, is in response to Jesus’ own prayer that we, as His faithful people, be one just as He and the Father are one (Jn 17). This call of the Holy Spirit has become irresistible for them and so they have begun the process of transition.

Br. Sean and Br. Robert supported themselves and their small Benedictine community through their stipends as Anglican priests, they are now without funds and employment. They've given up so much to enter full Catholic communion.

Their main concern is that they need to keep the mortgage payments up on Charles House and Ferrar House which is not only their residence, but also their base from which they conduct their ministry of prayer and hospitality.

If you can help you'll be making a real difference to these two faithful religious men who have given so much of themselves to the Anglican Church, but who now find themselves all but destitute. They are currently seeking employment but requre funds for the short-term to make ends meet and so they can maintain their ministry as they come to the Catholic Church.

Financial gifts at this urgent time, will help ensure the community will remain as it is (but as full members of the Catholic Church) and their ministry in Brandon, Manitoba will continue with an increased emphasis in reaching out in love to the poor and marginalised.
Your help will not only help Br. Sean and Br. Robert make ends meet in the short term, but will ensure  that Ferrar House, the Oratory of the Holyrood and Charles House will be open to all as a place of friendship and spiritual renewal.

Any funds raised in excess of the immediate and urgent needs, will be placed on the mortgages of Charles and Ferrar Houses in Brandon, Manitoba.

For your information: the monthy mortgage cost for Chas. House is $718 (plus insurance), Ferrar House is $833 (plus insurance). And of course there are numerous other costs of living.

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  1. God be praised! We of Saint Gregory the Great, the Massachusetts Ordinariate community, have been praying for God to increase the witness of the Consecrated Life in the Ordinariate for some time: welcome, dear brothers in Christ.