Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Christoph Schönborn's Warning

Viennese Cardinal Christoph Schönborn warned this week at a Mass for the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary that "Europe is well on the way to forfeiting its Christian heritage". 

"Will there be an Islamic conquest of Europe? Many Muslims want that and say: Europe is at the end," he said during the Mass in St. Stephen's Cathedral during a celebration for the Feast of the "Holy Name of Mary." 

This feast was introduced in gratitude for the liberation of Vienna from Ottoman Muslim forces which were attacking Europe 333 years ago. 

"God have mercy on Europe and with thy people, who are in danger of forfeiting our Christian heritage," Schoenborn said in his homily, according to the website of the Archdiocese of Vienna. This loss could be felt, "not only economically, but above all, in human and religious terms," preached the cardinal.

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