Monday, 9 March 2015


Convicted felon, Benjamin Levin (ball cap and red shirt), was Premier K. Wynne's Deputy Minister of Education in Ontario. Levin is pictured here sitting with Justin Trudeau, Wynne, her Gay partner and Bob Rae observing the nudity at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade recently.  

Levin was convicted this past week of the most horrendous child pornography crimes. However this notorious event was hardly reported by the mainstream media due to the enormous political influence of his family and friends. See LEVIN CONVICTED

Levin, with Wynne, oversaw the writing of the radical "Physical Education" curriculum which would introduce children from Grades 1 - 8 to graphic and controversial sexual topics upon which there is no public or scholarly agreement. The format and subject matter of the sex ed. curriculum is offensive to many Christians, Jews, Muslims and others.

Increasingly, people are coming to see this proposed curriculum as part of a greater agenda to groom young people for those who, like Levin, are committed to extreme sexual engagement with children. This is not paranoia.  The evidence mounts despite denials by the Liberal Ontario government that Levin was involved. E-mails and other communications have recently been uncovered under the freedom of information legislation which put Levin at the centre of the radical sex ed curriculum development.  

Ontarians and others are urged to sign a petition to stop this legislation.  The ideology that it represents is both anti-Catholic and inhuman.  You may sign the petition by going to this link.

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