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Monday, 10 February 2014

Warm congratulations to Father Reid on his upcoming move to Vancouver Island

The announcement of Fr. Carl Reid's upcoming move to Vancouver Island to assist in the Ordinariate there is a great boost to our western brothers and sisters in the Catholic Personal Ordinariate in Canada. While the people of Ottawa will miss his firm and steady leadership both in the parish and in the wider community, at the same time they are thankful that Fr. Carl has worked so well with his colleagues Fathers Hayman and Cooper to insure a seamless transition.

A faithful pastor to the Ottawa Ordinariate community, Fr. Carl has seen the Parish of the Annunciation through many tests which have brought them safely into full communion with the Holy See over the past few of years.
Fr. Reid (L) with Msgr Steenson (R) in  Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa
As a pioneer of the Ordinariate in Canada, we all have much to thank him for. The fledgling missions spread across the country are now poised to welcome more people into full communion from Anglican, Lutheran and Protestant backgrounds as well as many baptized but unconfirmed Catholics who are beginning to look to Ordinariate churches as a way back into the worldwide Catholic family.

By the end of this year, the Ordinariate in North America will have around 100 clergy along with thousands of lay members and with more each month. The upcoming round of voting on issues of doctrine and discipline in various liberal Protestant groups will move many more to seek a way into the unity insured by the magisterium of the Catholic Church. Ordinariate congregations are well suited to many of those seeking communion with the wider Church while bringing their love of English liturgy, music and pastoral patrimony.

Along with ministry to students and young families, many of the Ordinariate congregations have quite a youthful look compared to the congregations that people have come from. Our commitment to the New Evangelization reaches out to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Fr. Reid will bring his energy and experience to fresh challenges while leaving a growing parish in Ottawa.  A heartfelt thank you to him and to Barbara, along with best wishes and prayers as they prepare for the move and a new life and ministry (as well as gardening) on the Pacific Coast. May the road rise to meet them.


  1. Where on Vancouver Island will Fr. Reid be?

    1. Saint Columba Ordinariate Parish in Victoria, British Columbia

  2. As I understand it, Fr. and Mrs. Reid are looking for a house near Victoria.